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A Scout is Reverent

Index to USSCOUT's Duty to God Site

Religious Emblems for Youth and Adults

Religious Emblems Program

P.R.A.Y. - The Religious Emblems People

Association of Baptists For Scouting  - Needs update

National Buddhist Committee on Scouting

National Catholic Committee on Scouting

Information Page

"Ad Altare Dei" Religious Emblem

Members of the Churches of Christ for Scouting

Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting

Episcopal Scouting Association of the Diocese of Texas  - Needs update

Episcopal Scouters Discussion Forum - New
National Jewish Committee on Scouting

LDS Scouting Org

LDS Scouters Discussion Group

National Lutheran Association of Scouters  

National Association of United Methodist Scouters

Religious Resources for Scout Leaders on the Internet

Society of Saint Andrew - a non-denominational charity service

The National Association of Presbyterian Scouters

The Association of Christians Through Scouting (ACTS)  

Scout Prayers
A Scout Sunday or Sabbath Service

Religious Relationships

Religious Calendar  

Vern's Religious Links

Vern's Scouting Links
DAC Religious Relations Committee
Detroit Area Council Religious Relations Committee
Vern's Home Page
Detriot Archdiocese Catholic Committe on Scouting
Detroit Area Council Catholic Committee on Scouting


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