Troop 1682 at Philmont
Crew 629-L5  Exp. 17

Names from Left: Jeremy D., Jason T., Andrew M., Brett S., Mr John R., Jon R., Peter D., Zack N., Brandon C., Matt B., Mr. David O., Mr. Dennis H.

At the top of Baldy.

From the Left: Mr. David O., Matt B., Zack N., Jon R., Mr. John R.,
Peter D., Brett S., Andrew M., Brandon C., Jeremy D., Jason T.

From Left: Brandon C., Jon R.

From Left: Brandon C., Mr. David O., Matt B., Zack N.
Resting along trail

Zack N.
YES, WE WILL Make it!                   Trophies?

From the Left: Brandon C., Matt B.
What a View!!!

Photos copywrited 1998 by John R., Dave O. and Jason T.
8-22-98 vn, rev 12/1/00

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