Welcome to the Turtle's Cybernest.

  I use "Turgle" to represent a symbiotic relationship between Turtles and an Eagles.

The purpose of this web site is:
      to provide internet services to my family
      and our interests.

The Turtle

Fall Colors in Southfield 2003
Family Photo

Universal TIME
   Family Websites: 
"The Earth-Shaker"- Dr. Andrew
          Geophysics at GaTech  GSN
"Put a White Tiger in the Tank" - Tammy
Alexis & Justin

Fishing 2009

Weiskircher/Newman Homepage
AXP -National
AXP Phi Kappa Chapter
Phi Kappa Undergrads

Phi Mu National

Delta Beta Chapter
 Chicago W. Sub. Phi Mu Alumne

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